Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

At this point in my life, my hue changes with the wind,
so it was fortunate indeed for our time in Berlin to coincided with the Festival of Lights.
Brandenburg Gate, 
built as a sign of peace in the late 1700's,
today supplies the perfect tourist filled stage for peaceful demonstrations.

When darkness covered the city,
 the gate was in perfect harmony with the many hues of me.
The fact that this gate stands in the area of Berlin 
completely surrounded by an unpeaceful wall for almost thirty years...
only adds to its dichotomy...   
of turmoil... 
and peace.
source: www.telegraph.co.uk
As the wall fell in 1989,
the Brandenburg Gate displayed its best hues,
becoming a symbol of freedom and the desire for unity.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.
What's your hue?

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