"The fish were and still are of the highest quality – note, Halliday and Lloyd, a local concern, whose smoked salmon in recent years has been voted the best in the world." ~ StCyrus.net

Adding drama to the beach of St. Cyrus,
 like a theatrical backdrop,
 imposing cliffs overlook an old cemetery known as...

where a church stood from 1242...
until a new church was built in 1632, 
 overlooking the beach from the cliffs above.

St. Cyrus has quite the history,
 with signs of its salmon fishing past...
still evident on the beach...
and near the cemetery...
where pieces of its yearly ritual remain...
along with further explanation inside the park office as to
how this intricate net system was designed and assembled each year for a few months of fishing. 
Smoking the salmon provides food for the rest of the year.
Perfect example of the phrase,
"Necessity is the mother of invention."

I have to admit,
the salmon here is amazing anyway you prepare it.
Hop on over to Whiffs for my favorite recipe at the moment.

Happy Thursday.

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