"Marram whispers secrets over time blown sands, Colour dusted wings dance over flowers of memory Lark silvery notes soar above sea rhythmic sighs Wind woven sounds singing the song of St Cyrus." ~ Lesley Harley, Montrose

Exploring Scotland and sunny days go well together.

Our most recent excursion took us to...
one of Scotland's forty seven National Nature Reserves.
Ironically enough,
we were there exactly one year...
after the 50th birthday celebration of its NNR status.

The local St. Cyrus school held a poetry writing contest in honor of the special time and the winning poem was engraved on the stone monolith, 
with a time capsule prepared by the students buried nearby.

Peaceful and quite warm ,
more than a few visitors were lured into the waters.
After a picnic lunch perched upon a weathered stump of a tree,
admiring works of art left behind...
we spent the afternoon being reminded that...
 in Scotland...
as we walked hand in hand,
'whispering secrets over time blown sands'.

Happy Tuesday.

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