"First thing I do is rush to the window to get a proper look at the garden, which has a close-shaven lawn mown in stripes and dotted with ancient conifers including, for those of an arboreal turn of mind, a Wellingtonia. Beyond the garden is the road; beyond that, a field and beyond that, a railway on which little trains scuttle past." ~ Paddy Burt, Telegraph

Paddy has the right idea...

and is much more eloquent in his description of the view we beheld from our window 
of the Old Rectory Hotel in Norwich, while visiting the Norfolk area of England.

Our arrival the night before had been under darkness and drizzling rain so when the sun rose above the tree line the next morning we sighed over our cup of coffee as we gazed over the manicured lawn.

After a late flight we were welcomed into the family parlor to unwind before dinner,
 as the stress of travel melted away.
Moving into the intimate dining room it felt more like a visit to a friends manor where a dinner party was in progress, as smiling faces greeted us as we made our way to 'our' table. 
Although, this friendly manor has a talented chef in the kitchen 
offering tasty choices for dinner and breakfast as well.

A lovely place to unpack your suitcase while exploring the Norwich area.

Happy Tuesday.

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