My Aberdeen Monday...

Ren Man and I finally made it down to the auction house in Montrose...
where I had the best time bidding on a few items and learning that you win some...
like that chair in need of a loving home.
£15 for that chair.
Can you believe it?
Of course, Ren Man, that day, 
smiled and mumbled something 
about it costing him much more before all was said and done.

Fortunately for those of us in the Aberdeen area,
we have Mo Fettes to give our furniture new lives.
After a few weeks with Mo, my chair has become...

just in time for those brisk Autumn days... 
by the fire.

You also lose some...
and there is nothing like learning a little self-awareness at an auction house.
Setting a price for each item I thought I 'needed', turned out to be the only saving grace as a competitive nature bubbled out of nowhere. 
 I felt like I was on a treadmill and could not get off until that item was mine! 
Thank goodness Ren Man was in elbow distance away.

The next opportunity for you to try your hand at bidding on that perfect item is October 19th.  
Have fun...
and take a friendly elbow along with you.

Happy Monday.

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