"Chris insisted that his first restaurant have a fully equipped back-of-the-house butcher shop, allowing him to pursue his passion for butchery and processing all of Underbelly's meats in house." ~ Underbelly, The Story of Houston Food

After reading an article in Garden and Gun referencing chef Chris Shepherd,
and then other mentions of his participation with some very cool culinary tours in Houston, 
Underbelly moved to the top of my list for our next visit home.

Southern hospitality is always refreshing and the immaculate service and attention to detail 
starts in the bar area where you actually enjoy your wait.
The non-fancy title for the non-fancy desserts pretty much explains the vibe.
But don't let non-fancy enter into the taste equation 
because we were able to taste quite a few of the small plates on the menu amongst our group 
and it was like reading the 'Story of Houston' with my taste buds.
Like I said...
attention to detail.

Of course,
this spot has been added to my 'Been there, loved it!'
for your reference when you next have a choice of where to dine in Houston.

Happy Thursday.

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