Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Do you have newspaper and magazine clippings, 
notes here, notes there, 
links in Evernote,
links waiting in your reading list,
all sporadic references to those tranquil hotels, highly rated restaurants or hidden treasures 
entrancing enough to make note of...
never to be found again?
Am I the only one? 

Just like Pinterest provides my personal memory boards for all of those ideas I find online 
and can never seem to find when I really need the info...
Everplaces is the perfect place to store all of my wish lists 
for my favorite thing in the whole world...
Photos, reviews, and even maps are included.

Extremely useful for those occasions 
when it is imperative to give you the complete lowdown 
on the tiny treasures I do manage to relish in the nooks and crannies of this immense world 
that are worthy of a mention.
My collection entitled, "Been there, loved it!" is underway,
but the whole concept of Everplaces is pretty nifty and opens up loads of sharing possibilities.

Can you tell where Ren Man and I might be headed soon?
It has the most points of interest so far,
because my memory, or lack thereof needs to refer to those really soon.
Of course, there is an app for added convenience while traveling.

just like masterpieces that span lifetimes...
my Everplaces map is my travel 'masterpiece'...
forever evolving with those cute little map pins.

I agree with Everplaces, "it is not a lonely planet".
If you start your own travel memory board...
just comment below with your Everplaces link 
and we can be travel buddies.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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