Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

is like parenthesis around your day.
The first and last hour of daylight when the sun injects the sky with color.

Just type in the word sunset to the right where you see 'search for it' and you will see my obsession with the last hour of the day, 
while the only mornings I catch a sunrise usually involve jet lag.

Exactly what happened at the beach a few weeks ago...
 as I quietly migrated to the front porch swing away from sleeping relatives.
This one particular morning,
 the sky was still mostly dark...
until the almost full moon caught sight of the rising sun...
  and seemed to drag his feet...
 as he moseyed towards the west horizon, 
watching as the sun pushed his way onto the scene in the east.
Taunting, like maybe they are not supposed to be in the same room at the same time, 
but wanting to see the show. 
Or that's my story of how it went down.
Quite worth the lack of sleep, and an exceptional 'golden hour'.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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