Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

A recent visit to another hill...
requiring much more physical output and no wine tastings...
provides two entirely different renditions of today's photo challenge, fresh.

The first, stemming from a fresh, local joke about the famous landmark...
"We all grew up did we not with the joke,
"Why was Holy Rood? Because she looked up Arthur’s Seat!” Boom Tish."
~ The Edinburgh Reporter
refreshing and invigorating was what I kept telling myself...
as we finally made our way along this walk that has been on my list since our first visit to Edinburgh.
If possible, the view improved expotentially...
with every passing moment as Holyrood Park surrounded us from every angle.
Prestonfield was almost as impressive from above as it was from our table for tea, a year ago.
around every bend of the hill,
our view of the city was different...
and just as mesmerizing.

only from the top...
at 823.491 feet were we fully able to grasp the 360° panoramic vision...
and exclaim...
“Arthur’s Seat, once described as “the stone heart of Edinburgh’s soul” is a world-famous focal point of the city, climbed by thousands of residents and tourists each year."
~ The Edinburgh Reporter

Sadly, rubbish left behind, beneath the beautiful yellow gorse, 
caused some excitement just this past weekend,
 when fire broke out and firefighters were called in 
to fight a blaze along the hillside lasting for two days. 
Officials have explained that regrowth could take up to five years.
Thankfully, the paths are not afffected and the view hasn't changed.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Awesome views. I've been to Edinburgh three times, attempted this hill twice, but have yet to make it to the top (darn that fear of heights!). It's on my list for sure!

  2. I am sure you made it high enough to enjoy the fabulous view, but I am happy to hear it is still on your list.


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