"They stole my name and heritage, denied me a trial, sold me into bondage, but they didn't get my goat!" ~ Walter S. Taylor

 to the newest addition to the royal family here in the UK.
Referred to as royal baby or baby prince, 
it could be days until he is properly introduced to the world by name.

Until then, for those of you in the states...
you just might be lucky enough 
to get your hands on a bottle of Bully Hill Champagne for a proper toast.

While in upper state New York a few weeks ago,
we tasted our way through the Bully Hill Winery...
whose back story alone attracts fans like bees to honey,
but promotes loyalty with its products.
When Walt Taylor, grandson of the Taylor Wine Company founder, left to start his own wine venture, he became a character in his own David and Goliath story...
when the new, very large, parent company tried to shut him down.
Having heard the story for years from Ren Man's dad, 
a local boy himself,
 after a few tastes, we bought a case.
Stomping grapes is soooo on my bucket list...
but this keepsake will do for now.

Dinner in the restaurant at Bully Hill was the perfect location
 to savor the culinary offerings...
and the view.
Well said Walt Taylor.

what will they name that future king?

Happy Tuesday.

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