Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Having arrived back in Texas on Monday...
every minute has been busied with marking items off the list.
You know the ones...
eating Tex Mex,
retail therapy at old favorites,
catching up with family...
and oldie but goody friends,
and soaking up the bright (& much warmer) sunshine.

here is my rendition of this weeks photo challenge.
Living abroad is always entertaining,
 when someone is speaking their native language 
and then get to a point in conversation where an English title or name is used.
My ears always perk up...
It is the same for store names.
Those of us from Houston got a kick out of hearing this store pop up in Dutch conversation.
Of course, I reminded them of the true pronunciation 
and to not listen to New Yorkers who totally have it wrong.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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