"BRUCE BOGTROTTER: Well, it's hard for me to remember a specific cake. AGATHA TRUNCHBULL: This one was mine. And it was the most scrumptious cake in the entire world. BRUCE BOGTROTTER: My mom's is better. AGATHA TRUNCHBULL: It is, is it? How can you be sure unless you have another piece? Sit down, Bog." ~ Matilda, Roald Dahl

When you are traveling with a group of ladies, 
choosing where to eat is always taken seriously,
because, let's face it, 
when talking priorities...
right after shopping, 
dining is like that screaming baby...
 in need of attention.
Any efforts made to plan ahead just might prevent the baby from screaming at all.

Our amazing Dutch hostess arranged meals at three restaurants that are standouts in my memory.
The fresh atmosphere and food at Juni make it an excellent choice...
when work meetings or dinner parties are in your plans.
Bruce Bogtrotter would of course choose the Roald Dahl Chocolate Cake from among the many choices of home baked goods displayed front and center...
 so you know ahead of time to save room.

We ventured to the beach one night for some...
and enjoyed the food and the view.

Of course, our last morning...
gave us a chance to refuel before squeezing in a bit more power shopping...
as our flight loomed in the near future.
Gathering around the large table amidst the over-the-top decor of t Goude Hooft 
was the perfect 'last meal' together.

We said goodbye to The Hague...
with three indicators of a successful trip:
1) Bulging suitcases
2) Foodie finds
3) New friends

How about you?
Have you ever been on a trip with friends?

Happy Thursday.

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