"I made it down the coast in seventeen hours... Pickin' me a bouquet of dogwood flowers..." Old Crow Medicine Show

Following the superb tastebuds of our trustworthy guides,
we enjoyed a few more tasteful discoveries out in California.
Beginning with amazing sushi at Sugarfish Santa Monica...
followed by a 'bees knees' cocktail at the serious and sturdy bar 
sprawling below a library of 'house pours' and other fiction at Misfit Bar.
Thankfully, we were not allowed to leave without trying the olive oil and sea salt gelato.

Like I have mentioned before, there is no shortage of excellent choices for a memorable culinary experience in LA.
But, it is not often there is a tick in every box of my mental checklist.
You know...
one of those spots worth planning around to make a repeat visit possible.
To be fair...
The Old Place has the benefit of a beautiful drive through the canyon to set the stage 
before you ever pull into the small parking lot of an old general store.
If you are lucky enough to dine on a Friday or Sunday night...
you must remember to roll your windows down before you turn in.
Music of the cover band Trash Honey wafting from the doors of the saloon style restaurant will prepare your soul for a pure, comfort meal.

Nice touch to an already real McCoy atmosphere...
and worth the drive...
 up or down the coast.

Happy Tuesday.

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