"Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong." ~ George Carlin

Wow, what a week.
Fun times were had at an Art Camp held at the church 
for kiddos on their two week Easter break, 
where I was told I sound like a cowboy.

No snow...woohoo!
Sunshine...double woohoo!

Add the benefit of the time change this past Saturday 
to the naturally occuring longer days and boom!...
 sunset at 8:03 p.m.
Temps hit a high of 43℉,
resulting in sandals and shorts being spotted around town.

these guys are feeling safe enough to say hello.

This warmer weather, hehe, 
has me surfing for camping opportunities here in Scotland.

Those of you that know me, 
know that when I say camping, 
what I really mean is "glamping".

Check out these locations spotted here for 
glamorous camping in the U.S.A.
Those of you on this side of the pond...
Canopy & Stars have treehouses, cabins, yurts, 
gypsy wagons and more.
Easily accessible for us here in Scotland are...
this beachside tent...
or an old firetruck in the Highlands.

Requiring a bit more travel and where Ren Man would choose...

My personal favorite is located in the south of France...
La Maison Ronde
known as The Round House.
So many unique possibilities. 

What a difference a week can make in the weather 
and as a result...
my overall 'tude.

We are heading down to Edinburgh for a sleepover and some educational fun at the Science Festival.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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