My Aberdeen Monday...

You know those time lapse videos that speed up a segment of time?  
Well, today I feel as though I am in that scene in Notting Hill.
You know the one where the seasons change as Hugh Grant's character walks through the same outdoor market to mark the passing of a year.

Except, today, is still today.

sunny and cold early this morning,
cloudy and cold mid morning,
snowing just before noon,
sunny and sleeting as I walked to town,
and 40 and sunny as I am typing this post.
Oops, spoke too soon.
It is now raining.

Meanwhile, these crocuses can be seen around town like a warm-up band...

 for the daffodils waiting in the back for the crowd to warm up a bit.

the warming sun has disappeared and pea size hail is tapping on the roof as I wish you a...
Happy Monday! 

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