Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

What do you do the first thing every morning?
My answer to that question used to be sooooo much more exciting.
But these days...
without fail...
I check the weather.
For a fraction of a second...
there is hope.
Because my sleepy eyes zoom in on that yellow sun and pop wide open until they scroll down to the snow and cloud icon.
At that moment...
my future tense looks quite dreary which 
 is a terrible way to start the day.
I know this...
 but I am a woman possessed with proving the weather powers-that-be wrong.

So when I look out the window and see...
fragments of blue sky and shadows waving like long lost friends 
I am doing the happy dance all the way out the back door 
to bask in the fleeting moments of sun 
singing 'the weather app was wro-ong, the weather app was wro-ong.'

Even the locals are fed up with this winter that will not go away.

Has Spring sprung in your neck fo the woods?
Because when I punish myself even further 
and scroll through some of my favorite cities around the world stored in my weather app...
 the sun appears to be a few time zones away.

Even though my future tense is covered with snow, 
the eternal optimist in me says it can't snow forever.
Can it?  

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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