'It's like a roadtrip, but with sketchbooks." ~ The Sketchbook Project

After our quick afternoon jaunt to the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn...
it became clear that more time is needed to do that neighborhood justice.

The Sketchbook Project was one of the phenoms on my 'Brooklyn To-Do' list...
mainly because I wanted to understand the whole process I have heard so much about.
Housed in the Brooklyn Art Library,
individuals submit their previously purchased sketchbooks...
the official sketchbook project sketchbook
26,000 and counting...
for anyone to 'check out' and read.
The sketchbooks have a barcode so when they return filled by the 'author', the staff can easily scan it into their collection making it available for anyone to check out...
some can even be viewed online.
If you set up notification alerts you will know when someone has checked out your sketchbook for viewing.

We looked at a few recently submitted sketchbooks and I was pleased to see written words as well.
All are unique and many are pretty amazing.

Currently, if you are in Austin for the SXSW, there is a Sketchbook Project mobile tour trailer filled with a small selection of the sketchbooks with many more cities on the tour line-up.

Their website provides some ways to enjoy The Sketchbook Project online as well.
Currently, you can tweet a photo 
and tag into the Free Project Wednesday party.

Crowd sourced and interactive are not just buzz words for these creatives.
They have built up quite a community.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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