"When someone brings up “The South,” it’s a safe bet they won’t mention Miami’s South Beach neighborhood. While it’s true that geographically speaking, Florida is the most Southern state in the Continental U.S. and Miami the most Southern metropolitan city, South Beach is more likely to conjure up cultural associations with places like NYC or LA. Yet, this is where you will find one of the country’s most successful new restaurants that has taken Southern cuisine to task. Yardbird Southern Table and Bar deems their approach as “from-scratch divinity” with a farm-fresh flair and the best of Southern hospitality. " ~ Lesley Lammers

Austin here we come!
As we head to visit 'the foodie',
today is the perfect day to spotlight my favorite discovery  for...
and a little southern comfort.

I can still taste those sweet cornbread croutons on top of the amazing kale salad.
I literally just licked my lips.
And the fried chicken, oh my!
The Yardbird Southern Table and Bar is worth a field trip to Miami all by itself and you might need multiple trips to savor all that it has to offer.
I really could go on and on but Austin awaits.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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