Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Every time we make the round trip Anahuac↔Austin...
we drive past this solar spectacle...
known as the Industrial Country Market, 
touted as a non-general-general-store.
Every time we drive by...
 we always say we need to stop and check it out.
Every time.

Well, this time we finally turned off the main road and knew we had made the right decision the moment we walked in the door and were greeted with the first timers commercial describing this unique experience.

'Totally off the grid' is a phrase they are most proud of, due to their practice of gathering what each of us gets everyday.
Sunlight and water.
They use no public utilities.

As we walked through the property...
it occurred to me that the whole idea of being fully sustainable is very FORWARD thinking.
Of course, our ancestors endured it first...
embracing any new modern invention...
 minus the solar bit.
Now, these owners are passionate about the challenge of it all and shun modern conveniences.
It is refreshing to see what can be done.
Although, many modern conveniences were used to make most of the products inside that huge non-general-general-store.

The Industrial Market is well worth turning off the highway 
or even a field trip all on its own.
Children would get a kick out of the compostable toilets

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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