How can I control my life when I can't control my hair? ~Author Unknown

I don't know about you other mid-lifers out there,
but my morning regime is taking up way too much of my time these days.
Much to my dismay...
if my hair is involved...
and there is a reason I need to look respectable early,
say around 9:00 or 10:00 (I know how that sounds...don't hate)
then I am up at the crack of dawn with the rest of the world.
And the equipment involved, seriously!

All of this prelude to explain why I have come to the brilliant decision that while traveling I head to a salon for what is these days known as a 'blowout'
Makes me laugh every time I stubbornly ask for a wash and dry and they confirm my 'blowout' for the appointed day and time. 
While traveling, there is no need to pack hair products or heating equipment that can't be plugged in around the world anyway.

If I am lucky,
the stylist will throw in an amazing head massage during the 'wash out', which is exactly what happened at my salon of choice while in Austin...
All done in a fraction of the time it takes me to achieve sub par results.
Highly recommended and you can't beat their new digs overlooking Ladybird Johnson Lake.

Just trying to lighten your load while traveling.
Your welcome.

Other spots deserving a mention from our last visit...
which adjoins a new hostel in town.
I am not sure if 'the foodie' was offering a hint to Ren Man and I when she walked inside to inquire about the rooms, 
but I made sure she noticed the hotel across the street.

The east side of downtown Austin has really evolved over the last few years and our very late lunch at...
Papi Tinos still leaves a yearning in my mouth for the Pecan Soup.  
While chatting with the chef in the kitchen about the ingredients...
the fact that my Spanish was necessary is tasted in every bite.
Their phrase 'we speak hola' is classic.

As usual, our time in Austin wasn't long enough.

Happy Tuesday.

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