Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved
has entered my radar lately and is now on my list of travel destinations for 2013.

Life of Pi,

was at the top of the stack on my bedside table because of my self-imposed rule of enjoying the book before seeing the film which I had the pleasure of viewing yesterday.
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'Half the Sky', a non-fiction book but also a documentary and movement not entirely about India, does include the country in its spotlight on the treatment of women which makes reading the headlines since Christmas even more revealing. 
With each chapter, my eyes are opened wide and still reading.

And then...
there is the feature film Girl Rising...

 through the global campaign of 
10x10-Educate Girls. Change the World 
with one of the 10 girls and writers being from India. 

The teacher part of me is inspired by these amazing women who are taking extraordinary risks to make their worlds a better place.  There are many opportunities to become involved on a personal level. 
So my desire to visit India does include good intentions.

But to be totally honest about it...
the discussion that totally turned my travel compass to India was this brochure...
link to seeing India like a Queen
sitting on the counter of a very lucky friend in possession of a ticket for February.

India is on my travel 'dance' card.

What destinations are on your horizon in 2013?

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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