"The Tube annihilates distance, liquidates traffic and is the throbbing cardiovascular system of the greatest city on earth," London Mayor Boris Johnson

If you googled yesterday...
you have probably already shouted...

Happy Birthday London Underground!
Why not celebrate with 15 of your closest friends by camping out in this tube tent or maybe host a garden party for 70.
Just think of the possibilities.
Or not.

There are plenty of other celebrations going on in London.
for your collection?
Not only the first in the world...
but January 9th marked 150 years 'the tube' has been of service to the city of London and its many tourists
Interior of 1938 Tube carriage ( photo: London Transport Museum © Transport for London)

If you are going to be in the London area, and you are quite quick about it...
you just might snag a seat on one of the special journeys scheduled aboard the heritage trains.

It is amazing to me that in 1863, while America was embroiled in the Civil War and Harriet Tubman had already been leading many slaves to freedom on her metaphorical 'underground railroad', a literal railroad underground was being built.

For your further fascination...
read these 150 fascinating facts about the London Tube.

Happy Thursday!

Interior of 1938 Tube carriage (All pictures: London Transport Museum © Transport for London)

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