Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Scotland is a beautiful part of the world and I am learning a little late in the game the best way to see it is on foot.

Yes, many moons ago I pledged to become a hillwalker and I am finally picking up speed toward that goal.

Fortunately, AWA has an Explorer's group led by a seasoned guide and friend 
who has hiked many miles throughout the world.  
Most recently she steered us for seven miles...
up and down and around the lovely area of Torphin 
through the Learney estate.

 allows hillwalkers to roam throughout Scotland 
without worry of trespassing.
Don't worry...
I was not harmed by the dog charging towards me.

The walk offered many opportunities to capture the weekly photo challenge...
near and far.

Feeding in a field...
this grey/gray cow melted my heart.

What a great group of ladies...
and a great way to see Scotland.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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