Thrilling Thursday...

Thrilling news...this MOG (Mother of the Groom-to-be) has kicked her rear into gear and...


It has been a week now and so far, so good.
A few headaches at first as my body rebelled against my decision to cut added sugar of any kind from entering my mouth in so many delicious forms.

The true test starts tomorrow when Ren Man and I hop on a plane to London for business and pleasure.

I will be at the mercy of others who will prepare my food out of sight...
 by people who could care less if I have to start this 30 day 'nutritional reset' all over if any forbidden, 'bad' ingredients start dirtying up my cleansing insides

Yes, I am taking this pretty seriously and the search is on for the best paleo friendly restaurant choices.
Plenty of advice on how to get what you want while dining out.
Ren Man will be hiding behind his menu.

The challenge continues.
Happy Thursday!

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