My Aberdeen Mondays...

Cities that have college or university students mixed amongst the locals benefit from the energy of these residents.

Interestingly enough...
as I have traveled around, the cities I have been drawn to always have this youthful vibrance as an undercurrent.

Aberdeen has two universities, the relatively young 
Robert Gordon University, established in 1992,
and the second... quite old.

The third oldest in Scotland, 
King's College, was established in 1495, 
and later merged with the rivaling Marischal College, which had been established in 1593 to offer a more liberal education. The two became one in 1860 to form what is known today as 
 located on the grounds of King's College.
This walking tour will help explain some of the photos shown.

My walking tour also involved coffee from...
 Kilau Coffee located right on the High Street
 and a few mesmerizing minutes listening as...
and that rich academia feeling I sometimes miss washes over me.
Oh wait...
that's the rain.

One sunny day I will return for more exploring and more photos of this amazing campus.

Happy Monday!

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