"Designed to charm" ~ The Toren

Since Amsterdam was on the way...
'the foodie' and I spent the day and night, jet-lagged, but still able to enjoy...
It was a quick visit...
so we were not able to enjoy the parade scheduled for Saturday afternoon through the canals...
but the revelry had already begun.

No huge discoveries on the restaurant front...
but our hotel, The Toren,
is remarkable.
In fact, I am able to remark at length about this family run hotel that has quite a history and was a safe house during the second world war.
Every employee must be a family member because we were treated as if we were special guest in their home.
Hospitality at its finest.

Conveniently located near the Nine Streets, we were able to squeeze in some shopping after our tour around the canals and before we gave in to long delayed slumber only to awake the next morning to the chimes of the Westertoren (Wester Church).

Amsterdam is always a good idea.

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Happy Tuesday!

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