Random Amsterdam...

When I started looking for a hotel in Amsterdam...
I knew immediately something was up.
Our favorite hotel was fully booked as was all others suggested to us by friends.
That was when I learned what a big deal "Queens Day" and
"Queens Night" is in The Netherlands.

Finally, we were able to find a room at the Qbic...
advertised as "Cheap Chic & No Frills"...
although, I don't know when we ever considered 
a bathroom door a frill...
or overhead lighting...
but it was indeed chic, and cheap is debatable.
They were very creative in dealing with the no window issue.
So they get points for that one.
They also get points for the convenience to the Zuid train station which is the first stop from the airport.
Breakfast by the fake fire was also amusing.

If you need someplace near the WTC for a couple nights...
check it out.

The highlight of our trip for Ren Man 
was figuring out the OV chipcard system. 
With the swipe of this reloadable card you can use the trolley, bus, even the train. 
If you are able to be in Amsterdam frequently or even occasionally, it makes sense. 
So off we went...
 swiping and trolleying around town...
and ended up in the Albert Cuyp Market just in time to see these huge birds, 
storks to the non-bird-expert here...
hanging out near the fish stalls just waiting for the fishmonger to turn his back.

We light in a nearby cafe, bar...De Pilsvogel
Since most of my photos were taken of the ceiling...
you see the preoccupation.
I mean any place with a disco ball, chandelier and this cool multi-color dome light deserves a little attention.
This place scores a return visit.

As always, Amsterdam delights.

I hope your weekend is delightful.

Happy Friday!

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