"Titanic was called the ship of dreams. And it was. It really was."~ Rose

Belfast is definitely the place to visit for everything Titanic...

especially when March 31st arrives and the new Titanic Belfast opens.

Even under construction, it is quite impressive and reason enough to return to Belfast.

Having only a few hours provided only a taste of Belfast, however our time was well spent.

While snapping photos around City Hall, we stumbled upon the coolest lending library ever...

where knowledge has been promoted since 1788.

You can smell the century old words mixed in with the new at Linen Hall ...

just like a brilliant, used book store...
you know the one where the owner has lovingly collected those leather bound classics that you get a whiff of when you walk through the door, providing a spot for the contemporary only because of the demand.

"Our Reading Society had been for some time in a very declining state owing to the agitated state of Men's minds about their personal concerns and want of money.
I really feared that for some time we should be obliged to shut up the Library till more favourable times.
We have, however, made another Trial, and I now hope we will be able to keep the sinking vessel afloat."
~ R.R. Madden, The United Irishmen
Their Lives and Times, 3rd series,
Vol. ii(Dublin 1846)

Interesting use of "keep the sinking vessel afloat"...

To further enrich our quick taste of Belfast...

we had lunch at the Ginger Bistro where we did eat our greens in order to continue our quest to find The Best Sticky Toffee Pudding!

Unfortunately Ren Man did not get the nap he desperately wanted...
as we headed South!

I have much research to do in order to fully understand The Troubles that still linger in this area of the world but have done enough to know there is no quick explanation of the many facets that escalated to such violence.

However, we saw no sign of discontent or troubles.

Happy Tuesday!

-on the road again...

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