"My mother knew everybody in this street. She could reel off the occupants of every single house; everybody could once upon a time. Now they come and they go. That's why these tragedies happen; nobody watching. If they knew they were being watched they might behave." ~ Talking Heads, BBC

Edinburgh is a classic...
like a fine wine...
a city that ages well, 
embraces the arts 
and preserves its history.

Seamlessly incorporating the new with the old is an art in itself and this window papercut installation by Astrid Jaekel really comes to life after the sun goes down 
and 'The Curtain-Twitchers' are
The Curtain-Twitchers, Astrid Jaekel photo

 illuminated as each window occupant becomes a neighborhood watch. Check out the Lady of Letters on BBC for the humor behind the art.
Astrid Jaekel photo
Have a wonderful weekend...
and maybe behave a little...
just in case you are being watched!

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