“It's hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one.” ~ Rick Riordan

Remember when Candice Bergen stood up at her desk
 to have a crown appear in the background 
right above her head?

 On the movie,
 Miss Congeniality,
that was creatively choreographed, 
into the storyline...
but do you have funny props  
that sneak into your own photos? 
Like this one...
innocently taken by my mother.
I do wonder why she has socks 
on the handles of the stationary bike. 

these taken before boarding...
by a professional photographer...
seems like a practical joke.
Ren Man calls this one the 'booger shot'.

I'm sorry...
was that photographer even looking through the camera lens?

this one...
 where the iguana is getting fresh!

That life ring logo can be placed anywhere.
Imagine the power to choose 
where the loose lizard is stategically lurking about.
Of course, you would think I would have noticed 
before purchasing.

take a look through your photos this weekend.
Happy Friday!

Oh yeah...
to all my Texas homies...
Happy Texas Independence Day!

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