"I'm one hundred and one years old now. But I still remember. Though that was over ninety years ago, I see it in my mind like I was there today. I can't let loose of my memories, even if I wanted to. Yeah, I've seen it all in these hundred years, the good and the bad. My memory works fine. I can tell you anything you want to know." ~ George Dawson

With five of my top ten books already revealed...
I am quite tardy in moving on,
remember in no particular order...
to number six.

George Dawson, grandson of slaves, learned to read at the age of 98 and along with Richard Glaubman, co-wrote "Life is So Good...
One man's extraordinary journey through the 20th century and how he learned to read at age 98".

The Dallas Morning News quoted Mr. Glaubman as saying that George Dawson "was a man of contradictions...He was extremely poor, yet he lived a rich life."

When I first read this book,
Mr. Dawson was still living in Dallas, Texas 
and was even on the Oprah Show.

Now , in order to read the full review 
you have all kinds of choices...
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Happy Thursday and remember...
Life is So Good!

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