Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Trying to live with no regrets has become a daily desire,
made even remotely possible through prayer for guidance.
Will you regret doing this?
Will you regret not doing this?
Questions asked constantly.
Of course, my parents wish I had started asking those questions 
much earlier in life.  
 it is those very experiences that have led me to this point of reflection.
A dear friend painted the above quote which is a starting point.
On the other hand,
it is that quote that has led to a few regrets now that I think about it.

Of course, when used as a noun, regret can be a disappointment,
some of which we have no control over, and 
brought into clear perspective while visiting with the woman seated next to me on the long flight to Texas a few days ago.
She lives in Mumbai, India with her husband, and was on her way to Mississippi to meet her new grandchild.
Her actions and her speaking were tentative as she explained her journey back to health after a brain hemorrhage at the base of her skull.  
Throughout the flight more details emerged describing her rehabilitation and her anticipation of holding her new grandchild in her arms.  

It is always disappointing when our bodies fail us, 
but that is just one aspect of this regret.  
As her story began to unfold, the timing of this dangerous, 
life threatening event occurred amidst all the happy
preparations a few days before her daughters wedding a year ago.
A wedding she was unable to attend.
 A sorrowful sense of loss...

While taking photos after the wedding...
an empty space was left...
so that she could be Photoshopped in at a later date.
How precious is that?

My regrets in life seem infantile compared to this.
Our most recent regret was not getting a visual on the Lochness Monster...
as we glided across the peaceful Loch Ness.

regret can bog you down...
as visualized here at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, Scotland.
Maybe a little theatrical...I know.

Motto: Keep your regrets to a minimum...
Over Achiever Motto: 'No Regrets'.

Have a wonderful day.

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