"... but the greatest of these is LOVE." ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

The past five blog posts,
have shared 'things' I 'love'...
which technically speaking, according to C.S. Lewis in The Four Loves,
on Amazon
is not love at all but a strong like or appreciation.

But today is THE DAY of LOVE...
a day set aside to confess my...
eros love to Ren Man...
storge, or affection love to my family...

and phileo, friendship love to my friends.

History.com is full of information about anything history...
and gives a quick pic of...

All commercialism aside...
being one who believes actions speak louder than words...
I am not one to take the time to thoughtfully and verbally express my love,
so I am thankful for a day every year that prompts me to do so.
Throughout my life, the purest love, agape love, seems to have developed
 in some relationships I like to think 
are based on unconditional love. 
 However, some argue that true agape love is only seen in God's love for us.  
He desires us to move towards agape love but the truth is...
we as humans always have conditions to our love.
We don't realize it until someone does something that injures us in some way
 and we hit the 'unlove' button of our heart.

As I sit here trying to say 'love ya' in a meaningful way,
with the click of a each computer key, words fail me, and instead
I keep remembering a movie scene where the character finally expresses 
one characteristic of love. 
Those who make me want to be a better person:
1) have made me who I am, 
2) will continue to shape my thoughts and decisions,
3) are the people who hold a special place in my heart, those that I love.

And when you look at it in a list form, 
it does appear that I love as a result of someone 
doing something for me.  
Clearly, I am not as close to agape love as I thought. 
Loving unconditionally, without conditions, or better yet...
regardless of conditions. 
Something to work on this year.

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you are ready for a challenge...
click on Puzzlers to test your historical knowledge, 
but put your thinking cap on first.

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