Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

Last week...
I joined in on an "experiment in blogging motivation"... 
brainchild of The Daily Post.

Each Friday a new theme is announced 
and the search is on for the perfect photo 
that reflects the theme.
Wednesdays will now be Weekly Photo Challenge day.
This week...
hope is the theme.

Flowers are beginning to peek their little bud heads 
out of the ground here in Aberdeen 
with much HOPE for longer playdates with the sun.
We have that in common!

out there in blogland...
 there are beautiful examples of this 
image of hope.
Just search 'weekly photo challenge' 
and you can enjoy for yourself.

Meanwhile as I looked through my photos mentioned briefly in past blogposts I was reminded of this brilliant machine that instructs...
that when you return hours later and push a button...
your bag will be behind door #1.

Hope was my companion all day,
as we rambled around Cologne, Germany,
right up until the moment Ren Man inserted the magic ticket 
and pushed the button 
to identify our belongings...

The multi-dimensional realms for hope are endless... 
but deep down...
beyond those daily shallow surface hopes...
Romans 12:12 reminds me to "Be joyful in hope..."
A HOPE much bigger than that luggage eating machine.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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