"Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him." ~ Maya Angelou

Nothing will replace the feel of a book as the pages in your right hand begin to fill your left hand one by one as the story progresses.
Our shelves are proof of our love of books.
Ren Man suffers from book collection disease,
and is incapable of walking past a bookstore.

So when I first enjoyed this incredibly creative video 
by a husband and wife team in a Toronto bookstore, 
on one of my new fave blogs, Lovely Indeed,
 I knew I wanted to share it.

 Hopefully, tangible books...
 the ones that smell of aged leather, 
with thick pages to run your fingers through, 
will always be around.
with students scattered around your feet
 on the blue and black leopard print rug 
in the corner of your classroom, 
will accept no substitute.
I believe in the Joy of Books.

So please do not get alarmed or even confused,
 when I sound a little excited about 
where they unveiled their initiatives to make textbooks more interactive and appealing to students.
See the video here showing the mundane textbook come to life 
in the hands of the students.
Cal Net Technology Group

Not to mention the elimination of this problem.

Only time will tell if the convenience of textbooks on the iPad2 
will increase the learning necessary for success in todays world.
It still comes down to a students desire to
work hard,
think for themselves, 
and do their best.

What are your thoughts?

May your weekend offer moments by the fire,
reading an old fashioned book 
or the newer e-book fashion.

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