"I used to think cursing someone meant swearing at them...I realized how wrong I had been. You can curse someone with an eyebrow. You can curse someone with a shrugged shoulder." ~ Soul Keeping, John Ortberg

found on facebook...source unknown but thank you, thank you, thank you.
That's it!
I've had it!
Happy go lucky Traveling Simile is going way off track.

Knowing full well most readers of TS only look at the photos...
(eye-rolling/winking/raised eyebrows here)
I will share from past posts...
 eye candy of this beautiful world in which we live...
to break up the monotony of my mini tantrum.
Halong Bay
Before we get started, 
please carefully read the top quote
and let it roll around your mind.
La Sagrada Familia
I felt sick to my stomach when I first read those words as
years and years of 'cursing' flashbacks stormed my memory.
Then take a gander at the little girl above from Facebook.
 Hopefully, our hearts are all on the same page. 

I shudder to think about the many times 
my body language has revealed my heart.
A distrusting look here,
judgmental glare there.
Siem Reap
Why any refugee would want to move 
to a country so filled with hate right now is beyond me.
Very small insight into how terrible their current situations are.

America has been so busy judging other countries and peoples,
all while logs continue to slowly pierce our hearts 
and blind our eyes 
to our own respect for others.
No thanks to our media,
all the world sees is an America...
where everyone is pointing fingers 
and blaming one side or the other, 
like children on the playground.
Canal du Midi
What's going on in your country?
Who are you going to vote for?
What a circus.

stateside, people are asking what can we do?
How can we make this go away?
The enormity of this situation can be overwhelming.
We think it's too big.

After reading John Ortberg's book quoted above, 
and scrutinizing my reactions to people,
I have seen how easy it is for me to 'curse' someone with a fake smile or a blank stare.
At the same time, I am learning it is equally as easy to 'bless' others instead.
It requires an active choice...
 over and over and over.

Maybe, if choosing blessing over cursing can heal my soul, 
then millions of healed souls can heal the mountains of cursing and hate 
that are dividing our country
 and world for that matter.
Maybe, if we start blessing each other
it would become harder to curse the 'other' side...
regardless of who the 'other' side is.

Believe me when I say,
the rest of the world is watching
 as our country appears to be unraveling. 

Rant over.

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