"Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul." ~ Gianna Carini

Well, that's a record.
Two whole months and not a peep from Traveling Simile.
After only a year and a bit, barely enough time to scratch the surface...
 the amazing land of smiles did 'strike at my soul' and holds a place there. 
Not ones to let grass grow under our feet, 
we have moved south of the border to Malaysia.

Remember this post...
last September?
Well, Kuala Lumpur is now our home away from home... 
and that breaching whale is in my backyard.

As far as moves go,
it was painless enough.
While I was back home in Texas,
our shipment arrived and Ren Man managed to be in KL long enough
 for the furniture to be delivered and reassembled...
 in the locations assigned on my floorplan layout. HeeHee! 

Everything else was left in boxes until my return 
and I am happy to report
we are box free...
except for one filled with give-away items. 
One bonus of serial moves...
continuous cleansing.

However, good friends and good times were left behind. 
but, thankfully, not too far away.

 this view awaits your visit to KL.

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