"The lovely thing about cruising is that planning usually turns out to be of little use." - Dom Degnon

Here you have it...
 #3 of the
Top Three Very Good Reasons to Cruise the Canal du Midi.
(see here for #1… and here for #2)

All the random surprises and quirky discoveries waiting to be enjoyed 
make a week on du Midi quite the adventure.

Our second day out we stopped for a walk through the vineyards
 growing in the Minervois region of France.
Clusters of grapes hung beautifully from the vines...
and we were tempted to put snails on the menu for dinner,
but alas we had a chicken roasting.

After moving on down the canal a bit, 
we stopped for the night and had a hail storm for dessert.
Ren Man had prepared for this.
I have to admit I made fun of him when he placed that all weather gear in his bag.
He showed me.
So yes…
we lived through a grape ruining hail storm on the Canal du Midi.
And yes…
we stocked up on wine before the prices were adjusted.

Discoveries along the canal included…

very cool sculptures…
created by the gentleman
who in addition to being an artist
is also the lock attendant.
Quite entertaining.

What would a cruise be without a concert?
Further on down the way we docked for the night and took off for a stroll.
Seeing a party getting started 
we joined the locals
and grooved to the tunes of a band from Canada!
Life is good on the Canal du Midi.

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