"A Monument to a state of permanent change." ~Monica Bonvicini

Of course,
Oslo is so much more
than its multitude of sculptures.

Although, I would be remiss not to mention one more.
 Mr. Nobel himself,
left specific instructions in his will 
for the Parliament of Norway
 to appoint a five member committee who chooses and awards
 the Nobel Peace Prize each year.
Currently, the award is presented in the Oslo City Hall.

On to the eats
thank you Design Sponge city guide... 
for the heads up on the food destination... 

Its riverside location truly is a destination 
within the city
because of its eclectic surrounding neighborhoods.

Since I have always wanted to drink out of a glass made of ice
 in freezing conditions
we stopped in the Ice Bar and toasted The Scream.

there is the lure of Oslo's waterfront location,
where water taxis arrive each morning filled with locals
 who reside on nearby islands 
or land where road travel takes much longer.

While in Norway,
(remember the post about paying premium prices for everything),
go ahead... 
splurge on a room at The Thief.
This rooftop is the place to be during those long summer nights.
Seriously, one of my fave hotels.

Its harbour location offers easy access to
enjoy the hop on hop off boat...
 for a view of Oslo from the water.
We slithered past the Royal Yacht,
 like touristy paparazzi,
as some official ceremony was winding down.

Tour by water offers an up close and personal view of the Opera House,

and the sculpture floating nearby,
 entitled "She Lies", by Monica Bonvicini.
This permanently installed sculpture made of stainless steel and glass, 
turns on its own axis to change with the tides in the fjord.
Incredibly COOL!

Just like the city it calls home.

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