"Why aren't we flying? Because getting there is half the fun. You know that." ~ Clark Griswold

It all started with the goats.
After reading an article about the goats in Morocco climbing trees to reach the fruit of the argan tree, 
I knew we could not be so close without seeing this spectacle.
Apparently, when the argan fruit is ripe these goats get creative in search of a snack,  
and since this does not happen year round, 
the owners got creative for tourists like me 
who travel hours to see this for themselves.
Further down the road,
on the outskirts of Essaouira, (pronounced essa-weera)
another opportunity to play tourist allowed me my first camel ride.
Abdul gave very clear instructions to hold on tight.
He repeated this over and over until I became a bit concerned.
I mean, how hard can this be?
Then he backed away and the camels handler started signaling.

Next thing I know,
I am hanging on for dear life like a cowboy riding a bucking bull.
Except it is in verrrryyyy sloooooo mooooootion.
I held on.
With both hands.
Camels are really tall.

We were not even at our destination
and our drive, traveling west to Essaouira with Abdul,
 had already provided half the fun.

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