“The taste of your life depends on the spices you used to brew it. Add laziness to it and it becomes bitter as the bile; put a cube of good attitudes into it and you will lick your lips more and more due to its sweet taste.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

If my visual memory of Marrakech is all in technicolor…
then my taste memories are like a mouthful of pop rocks having a party on my tongue.
 Farm to market is real.
 Presentation is taken seriously.

Fortunately, after admiring these spices all day long in the market, 
we were able to experience their qualities in finished products.

A few of my favorite tastes of Marrakech are strongly encouraged 
for your own palate pleasure.

1)  Fresh squeezed orange juice is ubiquitous 
and compliments the spices in the food quite well.

 This stall is actually in the coastal town of Essaouira,
but take my word for it…
you will have your choice in Marrakech.

2) Order a flaky Chicken Pastille!
The mixture of spices is unbelievable…
and something I crave to this day.
my mouth is watering at the memory of the savory and sweet combo.
My favorite spot for a chicken…
or pigeon (taste like chicken) pastille
was La Terrasse des Epices overlooking a small market.

 3)  Cooked salads bathed in spices are all the rave.

 This lovely selection was enjoyed 
while watching the sun set over the central square, Djemaa el-Fnaa…
in the lovely…
Le Marrakchi restaurant.

4) And then…
there is the mechoui…
slowly roasted lamb.
Just look for the stalls adorned with a sheep head 
surrounded by clay pots filled with sheer yumminess.
Add a sprinkle of cumin, olives and bread and your meal is complete.

Yep, life was quite tasty in Marrakech.

Happy Thursday.

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