"Louis XIII built a hunting lodge at the village of Versailles outside of Paris in 1624. The small structure became the base on which was constructed one of the most costly and extravagant buildings in the world. It became the palace of Louis XIV, the "Sun King", who boasted of himself, "L'Etat c'est moi" or "I am the state." Louis XV and Louis XVI also called Versailles home." ~ LinkParis.com

Is there a candle with the smell of fresh cut lumber?
There is nothing like it.
It is providing some aromatherapy
amidst the sounds of old, rotten wood being yanked away from our little cottage…
with sawing and hammering ...
loud hammering, securing the fresh and new…
to complete the musical composition.

Somehow I have constructed my own little nest of peace 
in a not so peaceful situation,
bringing the story of a king and his art contest to mind. 

the sun is shining brightly,
reminding me of our day at Versailles 
where long ago an attempt at peace settlement was signed.
The Treaty of Versailles.
I searched for the name from the cobwebs of my history filing cabinet 
with no recollection whatsoever of what was involved.

How you explore this beautiful estate is up to you,
but I highly recommend…
worth every Euro.
Our guide was knowledgeable of the history of this amazing place
 and wiped away a few of my cobwebs.

He actually travelled with us from Paris out to the town of Versailles 
where we picked up our bikes…
before heading to the thirty seven thousand manicured acres... 
surrounding the royal residence for more than a century.

Having stopped at a market on the way,
we were equipped for a picnic
fit for a king.

After we managed to drag ourselves away from this beautiful view
we pedaled back to store the bikes
 before enjoying a self-guided tour of the palace
and its captivating interiors.
Once again,
I left with painted ceiling envy
and a strong love of everything shiny.

I hope the sun is making everything shiny
 in your part of the world this weekend.

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