“They left me. My parents actually left me! IN FRANCE!” ― Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss

How wonderful…
to be left in Paris with time to live life as a local.
As long as I pay close attention to my attire 
and keep my mouth shut,
I can blend.

Our One Fine Stay flat helped mentally prepare us for our days as Parisians
as the daily dose of sun woke our sleepy heads to the sounds of neighbors scurrying off to work.
Yes, we actually had sun everyday in Paris.
The Texan brought it along in her luggage.
We were partial to the mornings Ren Man joined us 
because he was keen to pop out for fresh croissants and coffee,
bringing them back for us all to enjoy at our leisure.

He was also instrumental in finding the perfect cabaret
for us to pretend
we speak and understand French…
and know their favorite songs by heart.
One of the best nights I have spent in Paris,
swaying and clapping to the music as a room packed full of locals
 belted out song after song in unison.
A family with teen and adult children were at our table, 
 all truly enjoying themselves.

To learn at least one of those songs by heart,
in French, has become a goal for 2014.
Maybe I'll even learn what the words mean 
so I will understand why laughter punctuated the verses.

Meanwhile, we spent daylight scouring those infamous flea markets 
where we enjoyed…
choreographed to the tunes of impromptu musicians,
and parading, stylish clientele.

Although we partook in typical tourists destinations as well, 
it was quite entertaining to enjoy Paris at our leisure.

Being left in France is not such a bad thing.
Happy Tuesday.

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