"Let us drink from the goblets of joy Adorned with beauty…" ~ La Traviata

Not exactly known for its night life,
Venice does offer a unique blend of Baroque and Opera performed in churches or ancient "Grand Schools".
Not being extremely fond of opera,
I went along with low expectations in tow...
weaving through the twinkling streets 
to the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, built in 1580.
The setting is small and intimate as the soloists and ensemble musicians approach the stage 
down the center aisle of the audience to perform I Musici Veneziani.

The next thing I know,
sadly the show was over and this new opera convert 
was walking hand in hand back to the hotel singing 
Ah bravo Figaro. 
Bravo, bravissimo... 
under a full moon.

Like I said before,
Venice is magical.

Happy Thursday.

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