"You can find moules frites a-plenty from September until February -- or, put another way, in months that have "R" in them. You'll still find moules frites in the off-season, although you'll get nose wrinkles if you try to order them. (You may also get a nose-wrinkle if you comment on the fact that Belgian mussels are imported from The Netherlands.) " ~ Culinary Travel

we were in Brussels in February, 
but then again March and April both have an "R" as well, so whatever.

Our 'mussels in Brussels' were something to write home about...
and Jacques turned out to be a great find.
When I first heard everyone raving about mussels and fries, 
I had my doubts, but any hesitation flew out the window after dunking that first 
frite, french fry, chip,
 into that lip smacking sauce.
My gamble with the 'special' curry sauce
 instead of the normal white wine sauce 
paid off big time and Ren Man concurred.

Interestingly enough,
our two culinary scores in Brussels were both French,
and our last few hours were spent sharing a roast chicken…
so very French.

I just love it when,
out of the many restaurants in a large city,
we manage to discover not one but two amazing ones. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

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