“Wonderful mix of a living city and a vibrant past. Much more real than lovely Bruges, just up the road. Local people cherish the character of this medieval city, yet there’s not a mono-economy of tourism.” - VisitGent.be

While Bruge is considered the belle of the ball, 
Ghent is seen as the rebel.
Or so we were told.
As we walked along cobble stone streets, there was just enough edginess to keep it real.
Having not been to Bruge, where it is supposedly scrubbed clean for tourist,
compared to Brussels, Ghent is pretty well-behaved, 
and in true maverick style is responsible for three of its countries culinary treasures.

While at the boat show, one booth, along with boat info, 
was serving up the local beer to potential customers. 
Gruut Beer is touted as 'healthier' 
because of its blend of special spices (Gruut) instead of hop.
Very nice if you are a beer drinker.

For me…
I will stick to another Flemish specialty...
with the taste of cherries.
Anyway you look at it Ghent plays a part in the large cast of Belgium beers.

 The next special product required meandering through town... 

in search of yet another mustard shop
the Tierenteyn-Verlent mustard shop…
where you choose a container to take home the spicy mustard
 concocted for almost two hundred years in the basement.
Made without preservatives, it lasts around six months 
and can only be purchased in Ghent.

Tastiest of all…
in my opinion, is the third Ghent culinary treat.
Yep, its the waffle.
The Belgium Waffle was actually invented in Ghent in 1839.
As our day ended…
I was quite thankful for Ren Mans love of boats.
Otherwise, we might have missed Ghent.
Happy Tuesday.

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