“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” —Ernest Hemingway

This blog has been a humbling reminder of something I already knew.   I feel  much more comfortable teaching creative writing than I do writing.  My students were little sponges just waiting to soak up any creative juices coming their way. 
All they needed were examples of figurative language found in quality literature 
followed by my lame examples, and they were off.  
Improving my examples.  
Writing their own.  
Creating their own voice.
There is such reward in watching a fourth grader create a simile that brings applause from his peers.  

This year
I made a pact with myself to work hard 
and improve my own word slinging. 
Our travels have been extensive since moving to Scotland and like a crutch, the photos have supported my posts leaving words written 
merely separators or links to the next photo.  
I quiz my own family every now and again, 
to see if they actually read my words or simply scroll through the photos. 
I have been tempted to write untruths to see who notices. 
Or maybe I did that. Ha!

For those of you who stop by each day, let this be like the warning they have here on the UK telly...
"This program contains flashing lights".
Except, your warning is
this travel blog post contains no photos. 
 Each Thursday, I will hash out a chapter based on our family odyssey back in 1999-2000:  mostly true, with some artistic license taken here and there. 
My version of Throw Back Thursday...
to a time when Traveling Simile was busy raising a family, who, after living outside of the USA for five years, returned home. 

For the first TBT
click HERE.

Happy Thursday.

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