For all guests boarding Queen Mary 2 in New York today, we can confirm that she will not depart before midnight, as a result of the weather. — Cunard Line (@cunardline) January 3, 2014

Even Queen Mary 2 tweets.
I should have known the most up to date information would be received by twitter 
while Ren Man and I seem to avoid this venue of communication.
Once again reiterating how 'old school' email is.
Perhaps 2014 will twitterfy us.
In more ways than one, 
the snowstorm affected the January 3rd crossing of the QM2.Because of the heavy snow,
there were less immigration officials to handle the guests who are required to disembark the ship to get their passports stamped before re-boarding.
At the same time, the ship was made aware of a surprise inspection by the U.S. Health agency 
(which they passed with a near perfect score BTW) 
delaying the re-boarding process even further.
As a result, new arrivals waited alongside those continuing their voyage to Southampton, UK. 

It was comforting to hear from the regulars,
best referred to as 'Cunardists',
followed by a slight sniff,
that this was not the typical boarding procedure.
Things were a bit out of sorts and as it turns out 
we were waiting for those whose flights were late anyway 
and anyone who tweets already knew it.

This imprecision was not to be found once we were on board QM2.
After making our stateroom a 'home away from home' we settled into the rhythm of life on the sea.
In fact, I am still feeling it.
As I sit here typing, if I close my eyes, the rocking motion returns and takes me back.
First things first,
our Guest Emergency Drill was the only mandatory activity on board and Ren Man was way too excited.
If there is one aspect of cruising not to my liking it is the nagging schedule of non- mandatory events 
waiting in your stateroom each day,
or in our experience,
lovingly placed with two chocolates on our bed by Michael.
Now, the nagging is self-imposed.
You pick and choose those items of interest.
There is no arm twisting.
Much to my dismay, nowhere in the 'Daily Programme' will you read
'find a cozy spot for reading a book of your choice'.
Inevitably, I feel guilty if I partake in an activity not listed on the approved list.
It takes a few days for me to snap out of it and rebel.
Each day brought the 'noon report' by Commodore Christopher Rynd heard throughout the ship 
and on the Cunard channel of the inroom T.V.
Most of it was gobbledygook to me but Ren Man made mental notes in his boater's diary for future reference.

On the days when the time was set forward an hour, strangely enough, it took place at noon and we completely lost the hour between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. 
I found myself in search of a clock on board to watch the minutes quickly pass by in a matter of seconds.
Those simple pleasures.

we have no jet lag fogginess as a result of the slow adjustment.

Happy Monday.

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