"Sauerkraut is tolerant, for it seems to be a well of contradictions. Not that it would preach a gastronomic neutrality that would endure all heresies. It rejects dogmatism and approves of individual tastes...It makes excuses for red wine, although it has a weakness for beer and lets itself be spoilt by white wine. Each stomach may find its own happiness in it." Julien Freund, Director of the Institute of Sociology in Strasbourg, (Les Saisons d'Alsace)

Most meals while dining in Poland offered a side of twang...
and I must admit, 
having a choice of sauerkraut and other pickled treats with each meal 
was a luxury.
My favorite restaurant in Boleslawiec by far was…
where we enjoyed a Polish feast amidst the charming decor.

Happy Tuesday.

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