“A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles. ” ~ Tim Cahill

Although my curiousity about the pottery played a huge role in landing me in Poland,
the true bait was the lure of spending time exploring with a group of girlfriends.
Who can pass up a sista road trip?

At the end of each exhausting day of shopping, shopping, shopping,
we returned to a quaint B&B…
 The Blue Beetroot,
where we started our day with an amazing breakfast and ended with an equally amazing dinner.

Four of us roomed together in one of the family rooms which brought back memories of giggling the night away (instead of studying) years ago, in the dorm at college.

Our first night back at the Blue Beetroot
 after seeing the ubiquitious dots adorning the Polish Pottery,
we were entertained with the...

 Our giggles could be heard by the other members of our group up stairs and down the hall, and even intensified as this appeared.
Happy Thursday.

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